“Art is the lie that comes as close as possible to the truth.”  Picasso

This shouldn`t become kind of an dead end like so many pages in the www. I hope together we can keep this page vibrant by turning it into something more dialouge orientated.

My future plans are to fill this blog with discussions around art, technical stuff and ideas regarding aesthetics and philosophical backgrounds. All this in a more playful way and currently only available in the German language version. Like to join?  <<switch to German>>

You are welcome to register to this site for getting updates and having the option of remaining a part of the ongoing conversation.

Beside all the ideas above, the mainpage is intended to inform about my work and profil. In contrast to the rest this part here is addicted to the communication far away from any commercial intensions.

You can also send me an email in case of questions about composition, design and technical things regarding the shown examples. I will try to answer every email just in time.

Let`s talk about …

The first blog will be launched soon.


One Response to “Blog”

  1. Keep this site alive …. I use it to calm down my soul, if it starts crying…. Every time I visit it …. I find new details to think about ….So .. go on


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